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Simple and Convenient Tool made easy for the whole world

In correspondence with GHS, the packaged software by the name i.Bou-GHS is made for making MSDS and Label.


    Basically, systems are made as some kind of tools for the convenience in the daily life for the human beings, not as a kind of burden to the human beings  because of its complicatedness.
    As such, our system is developed in order to make things easy , like the partner for the users, just as its name in Japanese: i-Bou, partner!, which means : To be with you, or always at your side when you need it. That’s i.Bou!

    Chemicals are physically dangerous and hazardously to human health as well as the environment.
Those kinds of chemical products, with their potential hazardousness, could be extremely dangerous when exposed to the public.

    We call this kind of possibility of the hazardousness as RISK and provide the formula below as the definition of the RISK:

  Risk = hazard X exposure

    Thus, to minimize the risk, we cannot but minimize  hazard or exposure.

    United Nations recommended a Global Harmonized system of classification and labeling of Chemicals (GHS), which offers you internationally harmonized method of evaluation, classification and expression for the hazard information with regard to minimize chemical’s risk.

    To comply with the standard set by GHS, according to the labeling and MSDS, the dealers of the chemicals,  through the process of the recycling from the GHS’s standardized labeling and MSDS gives a person who handles chemicals some information on providing to the human and the environment the method for minimizing chemical’s risk, through the process of life-cycle as for  manufacturing, transportation,  use, storage, and disposal , in order to provide to the human and the environment the policy for the sake of the least risk .
Based on the advice of the U.N, this regulation has been executed in many the countries.

    On occasions when the chemical products has been transported, sold, MSDS which is complied with GHS must been attached.
    However, to use human hands to classify the hazardousness of the chemicals with labels of MSDS under the classified regulations, it requires huge professional knowledge and labor.
Our iBou-GHS can automatically do the classification for the hazardousness instantly and then based on the which automatically issue the MSDS and label.
    Same as the Paint, Solvent, Additives, to make the chemical mixed products, also the products varies,
    To this industry, with the help of this software, we promise the great deal improvement on the efficiency of the business.
    With reasonable price for the iBou-GHS, our user can make the MSDS and labels in a simple and efficient way.
    In order to make it possible, to enable as many companies to make use of this software as a sort of tool, with which, we can provide to the world with this information to minimize the risk to the human and the environment from the chemicals.


 Can automatically classify List of Hazardousness
When those who are classify as hazardousness by GHS, iBou-GHS can automatically sort out which hazardousness on the List.


Classification of the hazardousness regulated

by GHS

Automatic Classification

Physical hazards




Flammable gases


Flammable aerosols


Oxidizing gases


Gases under pressure


Flammable liquids


Flammable solids


Self-reactive substances and mixtures


Pyrophoric liquids


Pyrophoric solids


Self-heating substances and mixtures


Substances and mixtures, which in contact

water, emit flammable gases


Oxidizing liquids


Oxidizing solids


Organic peroxides


Corrosive to metals



Health & Environmental hazards


Acute toxicity oral


Acute toxicity Dermal


Acute toxicity inhalation(gas)


Acute toxicity inhalation(vapor)


Acute toxicity inhalation(dust, mist)


Skin corrosion/irritation


Serious eye damage/eye irritation


Respiratory sensitization


Skin sensitization


Germ cell mutagen city




Reproductive toxicity


Effects on or via lactation


Specific target organ toxicity - Single exposure


Specific target organ toxicity - Repeated exposure


Aspiration hazard


Hazardous to the aquatic environment-Acute hazard


Hazardous to the aquatic environment-Long-term hazard


Hazardous to the ozone layer


"O" standed for automatic classification

The Summery for the functions of the system

1)For the Ingredient

       1.Registry for the Ingredient

  2. Registry for the classification of the hazards

2)For the raw Material

  1. Registry for raw material
  2. Registry for the components of the raw material

3)For the Semi-product

  1. Registry for the semi-product
  2. Registry for the composition ratio for the semi-product

4)For the Product

     1.Registry for the product

     2.Registry for the composition ratio for the product

5)Classification for GHS

  1. Choice of the language
  2. Automatic classification for the product
    (Part of the hazardousness for the Physical Chemistry, and all of the hazardousness   for  human health and environment)
  3.  Classification of the hazardousness for the Physical Chemistry which can only be judged by hand instead of being judged automatically.
  4. Editing the result of the classification and approval.

 6) To generate labels

  1. Automatically label generating
  2. Editing Label’s contents (Hazard statement and Precautionary statement) and saving.
  3. Label printing

7Generating MSDS

  1. Automatic generating and editing for MSDS
  2. Approval and registry for MSDS
  3. Printing for MSDS
  4. Version administration for registered MSDS
  5. Retrieval of registered MSDS

Characteristics of the system

  • Ingredients Data-base is the most important part of the classification for the product. i.Bou-GHS’s ingredients data-base uses the classification made by National Institute of Technology and Evaluations that is an extra-governmental organization of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan. More than 1200 kinds of ingredient data has been already input in the i.Bou-GHS data base.  You can select language to make MSDS and Label from Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and English.
  • On the ingredient notation for MSDS, i.Bou-GHS satisfies Japanese PRTR(Pollution Release and Transfer Register) which is legislated by the Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof


※The following diagrams are outline of the main process of i.Bou-GHS


i.Bou-GHS breaks down a product into ingredients, and calculates those content in %.


By judgment theory, i.Bou-GHS classifies a product automatically into Health hazards, Environmental hazards , or some sort of Physical hazards.


Physical hazards  unable to classify automatically will be manually classified.


 In accordance with the classification, i.Bou-GHS automatically picks up proper Pictogram, Signal word, Hazard statement, and Precautionary statement



 i.Bou-GHS automatically issues a MSDS

 i.Bou-GHS automatically produces a Label.



Editing and approving the MSDS

Editing the Label



Registering the MSDS

Printing the Label




U.I.F of i.Bou-GHS



Whole view of I.Bou-GHS. MSDS and Label regulated by GHS can be made in three languages, English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.




Firstly you will select a product, then i.Bou-GHS will automatically classify its hazards.



In accordance with the classifications, i.Bou-GHS will automatically make a Label.



An industry like paint manufacturers who will daily produce many kinds of products, you might not have enough time to print labels if you print them from the beginning. In such a industry, you had better prepare several different types of labels in advance, and set up proper type of a label on a label printer, in accordance with the classification that i.Bou-GHS will do.



Output the label to EXCELL format



In accordance with the Hazard statements and Precautionary statements which come out from Label generating, i.Bou-GHS will automatically  generates a MSDS.



I.Bou-GHS will automatically pick up emergency response statements. In case some of those statements are not proper for you, you can edit them.



Outputting MSDS to EXCEL format.





I.Bou-GHS producing MSDS can meet not only GHS’s requirements, but also PRTR’s.



Once produced MSDS and Label are recorded in a data base, and thus you will be easily able to pick them up, if you will want to use them again in the future.



What is MSDS:

    A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with chemicals which contains particular substances. MSDS includes information such as physical data , toxicity health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipments and spill/leak procedures. Any company who will sell or transport such substances have to submit the MSDS. In 1994, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued an international regulation for MSDS.
    In 2003 United Nations Economic and Social Council was to make the GHS available for worldwide use and application.

What is GHS?
    GHS is an abbreviation of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of chemicals. The GHS addresses classification of chemicals by types of hazard and proposes harmonized hazard communication elements, including labels and MSDS. it aims at ensuring that information on physical hazards and toxicity from chemicals be available in order to enhance the protection of human health and the environment during the handling, transportation and use of these chemicals. In July 2003, It was counseled by United Nations. As for international aim for execution, At the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, it was agreed to carry out by 2006.  At Johannesburg summit, it was agreed to legislate by 2008. In Japan, Industrial Safety and Health Act and JIS were revised in 2005 for the enforcement of GHS from December 2006.




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